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As a fellow WAHM (Work at Home Mom) herself, Jennifer May has had much of the same experience as many who visit TheWAHMGuide.com, those who are searching for work-at-home and those trying to grow a successful Home Business. In 2004 she was working outside the home 60 hours a week as a Restaurant Manager. Just having her second child she was saddened to have to leave her children everyday and go to work doing something she did not have a passion for. She basically missed her youngest daughter's first year of life because of the hours her outside the home job demanded of her. She finally had it and that is when she started her long, hard search for work-at-home. It took her over 3 years of searching before finding her true passion and niche. She wanted something that would be successful and profitable but also give her joy, happiness and truly helped others. As it turns out it was worth searching, going through the obstacles and losing thousands because she is now home full time with her baby girls, living on her own terms, her own way and now achieving what many are in search for on their journey for work-at-home.

By December of 2007, Jennifer had found herself thousands in debt, not able to pay her bills, late on rent and was about to have her utilities turned off. With two daughters, working full time outside the home and spending years searching for work-at-home... she was fed up and frusterated but determined and dedicated to finally finding what she had been searching for so long. She had spent and lost over $15,000 on many different work-at-home opportunities by this time. Many were scams or "So Called" ways to earn income from home and others were not her true passion nor companies that could be trusted for a solid, legitimate way to work-at-home or bring in a good income. After years of losing her hard earned money on everything from "Stuffing Envelopes" to "Data Entry" to even a few different "Money Making Opportunities"... she finally found what she was looking for. The company and team had been placed in front of her many times in her search but she never pursued it as she (as many others do) did not completely understand yet what working from home was, the options that were available to her and what a true, legitimate opportunity was.

January of 2008 was the month that changed her life. She had decided to start Ameriplan® and the Freedom at Home Team. She knew of the company by this time, studied it, researched it and was ready to make it happen. Since having many money obstacles to overcome, she could not afford to start so she went to sell what she could on Craigslist to get the start up cost. Well, that Craigslist was a blessing! She got the start up and just gave it everything she had. While working outside the home she built a successful Home Based Business with Ameriplan®. She came home within 6 months of starting the business. Yes, it was hard. Yes, she had to sacrifice alot of things she loved to make it possible... but it was more than worth it! Bringing her home full time, she now had the Success and Happiness she was looking for.

Now still with Ameriplan® presently she is determined to help as many as she can find true, legitimate work-at-home. That is why she started TheWAHMGuide.com (Officially launched December 9, 2009), Writes for Examiner, runs a Successful Work-at-Home Group on CafeMom and of course helps many others work-at-home with Ameriplan® everyday. After the many years searching, losing thousands and running into dead end after dead end she has not only gained the experience, knowledge and resources to true work-at-home but also has a passion for helping others not go through the terrible experience and loss she had to. She has made it her purpose, her passion and most of all her dream to giving all those in the same place she was an opportunity to change their life, find their passion and pursue their dreams. Every Mom should be able to be home with their little ones and with TheWAHMGuide.com she has made it possible to helping many get that much closer to their dreams and goals!

If you would like to learn more about what Jennifer does from home you can Request an Interview with her or go to HomeCareerAndFreedom.com for all the details.

Please enjoy our site and let us know if we can help in anyway! Contact thewahmguide@gmail.com anytime.

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