Work-at-Home Terms you should know

Many who are already in the work from home industry know most of these terms but those who are just searching and have not understood all that is involved in working from home yet... will not know most of these. This is where educating yourself before searching for work from home is necessary to find what you are looking for. Especially if you want to avoid scams and wasted time on your search.

Below are a list of terms to know when you are searching for work from home or already work from home. This will make it much easier for when you need to disect a word you do not understand in the industry.

Affiliate - An Individual who partners to a product / service and promotes/markets it to others for a commission.

Article Writing - Someone who writes articles online to earn an income or build their opportunity.

Blog - A place where individuals can write and share anything they desire (similar to a journal). You can utilize blogs for personal, promoting, earning an income and/or growing on the internet.

Downline - People you recruit or those under you recruit into your Home Business, Network Marketing, Direct Sales or MLM Company whom are in your organization.

Freelancer - A person who enjoys working from home performing tasks on their own time. They provide services to those companies or individuals who need something done on a temporary basis.

Groups / Forums / Message Boards - A place online where you can network, meet others, socialize, get advice and participate with in the subject you are looking into. You can find these on many Social Networking websites and directly online. On Social Networking websites they are considered 'Groups' and directly online it is considered a 'Forum / Message Board'.

Home-Based Business - Similar to a Direct Sales/Network Marketing company. Provides a service or product that allows you to work from your computer and phone. Without having to leave your home.

Independent Contractor - A person who is not an employee of the company, but provides a service for the company under a written contract or agreement. Also someone who is self-employed.

Multilevel Marketing/MLM - A binary or two leg system that allows others to grow a downline by placing people below each other. There are many forms of MLM systems.

Network Marketing - Networking/communicating online and sometimes offline with those who already work from home or those who are searching. Many home based companies are considered "Network Marketing".

RSS - Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. You will find this mostly on blogs.

Search Engine Optimization/SEO - The process of making a site and its content rank highly in search engines using keywords or keyword phrases relevant to a site's content.

Telecommute - To work for a company from your home. Utilizing your phone, computer and/or fax.

Upline - In Home Based Businesses, Direct Sales, Network Marketing and MLM this is considered the person whom enrolled you, your Mentor, those on your team above you and your training support.

Virtual Assistant/VA - Works from home providing different services from admin, phone work, filing, faxing, communicating through email, assistance to the company that they are working for or provides a certain service to Clients as their own VA Home Business.

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