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Administrative jobs from home are very, very rare. Knowing what places to apply at would be a very difficult search and ultimately will leave you drained, frusterated and annoyed as there are many scams out there saying 'Administrative Work from Home'. This is where understanding what scams to look out for and what the differerence between home job and home business are, are key before starting your work at home search or joining any company.

Keep in mind this is not a career that is readily available nor is hiring much, if any of the time. The best way to go about a career in this field from home would be starting your own Virtual Assitant Business or Administrative Services Business. Which as any business takes time and work to build, will take you time and effort to build. With this being said there are a few legitimate companies that hire Administrative Positions from home. Below are the few that do...

AccuTran Global

Amphion Medical Solutions

The Appointment Biz

Caption Colorado

Document Do It Yourself Service

Morningside Partners, LLC

Office Details

Team Double-Click

Working Solutions

Again, always remember to do your research and follow your gut feeling. If you feel uncomfortable with any position you are applying for do not do it. It is up to your discretion always. Remember to review the tips on applying for these jobs and know that they are Home Jobs which most of the time have lists and lists of applicants so you might not be contacted right away.

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