Writing Jobs (No Phone Required)

Here is a list of companies that hire individual's to work from home as a writer. Some are hiring some are not but you can apply anytime on most of these websites. You must posess good writing skills, grammar skills and punctuation skills. It is also a benefit if you have experience and knowledge in a specific subject. If you do not you can apply for a subject that you enjoy or is your hobby. All these websites do put you through an application process (Except for eHow.com) and just like any other job your application is reviewed and they will contact you if you are qualified. Some take less time than other's.

Examiner.com ~ Hiring Individual's as Freelance Writer's on many subjects nationwide. A fun, enjoyable Writing Job! Write about what you love! (Give reference # 24807 as the Referrer when applying)

About.com ~ Become a Guide for About.com. This is also a Freelance Writing Job.

CyberEdit Inc. ~ Freelance Writing and Employment Opportunities.

Eduwriters ~ Freelance Writing Job. They give their writers the freedom to choose what and when they want to write, allowing writers to set their own schedule based on the deadlines they choose.

eHow.com ~ eHow is the world's most popular place to find step-by-step instructions on how to do just about everything. Get paid to write. US only. (This one is alright, you will not make much but can be fun)

Look out for more at Home Writing Jobs soon! Learning how to freelance write is a great way to start earning an income from home. And there are a few other great companies that hire freelance writer's from home.

Remember to always choose to your discretion. If you do not feel it is right for you or legitimate folllow what you feel is right. Always do your research but also stay open minded. Understanding the difference between a Home Job and a Home Business and Scams to look out for will help you on your search.

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