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Do you have special skill or talent? Do you provide a service that you are very good at that companies might need? Do you want the freedom to choose when you want to apply for work? Then Freelancing might be just down your alley. As a Freelancer (Free Agent) you work on a contract or freelance basis. As a Freelancer you are very skilled and knowledgable in a certain subject (or a few) that companies can utilize for a temporary basis.

Many companies are looking for someone in this field as they do not want and cannot afford to hire on a full time employee to cover the few tasks they need done. This is where Freelancing can be a great career because it is in demand on a few legitimate websites.

As a Freelancer you are not considered an employee of the company. You are paid for the task and work you do 100%. You are then responsible for your own taxes at the end of the year and are elidgible for all tax write offs that are included in working from home. (Just like a Home Business Owner or an Independent Contractor). With that said you do not have to be licensed or insured or even run a business of your own. You just can offer your services to the companies needing them and they choose who best fits what they need.

Here is a list of legitimate websites that offer Freelance work:

All Freelance Work

Again, always remember to do your research and follow your gut feeling. If you feel uncomfortable with any position you are applying for do not do it. It is up to your discretion always. Remember to review the tips on applying for these jobs and know that they are Home Jobs which most of the time have lists and lists of applicants so you might not be contacted right away.

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