Medical Transcription Home Jobs

Many are looking into Medical Transcription positions from home. Either if you have training or do not have training. You might be looking into this field. With that said you will want to go through training before applying into this field as you need knowledge in medical terms including drug abbreviations, surgical terms, laboratory test abbreviations, laboratory values, medical specialty terms, and anatomy. What you do as a Medical Transcriptionist is translate what a Doctor is recording on his audio into text for the patient's medical records.  A medical background is not necessary for this career but most companies that hire in this field from require at least 2 years of experience and formal training. So in most cases those who get hired on from home have actually done it outside the home in the previous years.

This is where understanding that Medical Transcription can be done as a job where someone hires you from home or a home based business  where you offer your services to a Client. Most begin their career trying to grow a home based business from this. This as any other business can take time to build. You must build up your Clients (which most do want experience and formal training) and also get your name out there. It can be a difficult process and career to get into with the competition and others that are experienced out there. Just be aware and careful as you go into this field and understand what it will take to be successful in Medical Transcription.

Absolute Docs

Accurate Typing


AccuTran Global

All Type

Amphion Medical

Applied Medical Services

Ascend Healthcare Systems

Cambridge Transcriptions

CAStech Data Services Inc.

Cherry Lane

Chromolume Transcription


Domenichelli Business Services


E-Transcription Services Inc.


Media Q Inc.

Morningside Partners, LLC

Mountain West Processing

Mulberry Studio

Neal R. Gross & Co. Inc.

Net Transcripts

OnLine and OnTime

On The Record Reporting & Transcription

Production Transcripts


Same Day Transcriptions

Scribes Transcription Services

Scriptacom Transcription Solutions

Speak Write

StenoTran Services Inc.



TASK Transcription Services, Inc.


Terra Nova Transcription Inc.


Fast Chart Inc.

Lee Perfect Transcription Corporation


Mountain West Processing


Northwest Transcription

Oracle Transcription Inc.

Outsourcing Solutions

Phoenix MedCom

Precyse Solutions

Spectra Medi

Spheris MT

Superscript Medical Transcription

Transcend Services

Trans Health

TNT Transcriptions & Translations

Transcription 2000 Services

The Transcription Agency

Type Write Transcription


Voss Transcription, Inc.



United Tran

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